Beginners Guide To Web Hosting

Beginners Guide To Web Hosting: Important things you should know

If you are new to web hosting or interested to know more about web hosting, you can read this article. We think it will help you a lot to get a clear knowledge of different types of web hostings and also remove various confusions about hostings. However, if you already know many things about web hosting, you can also read this too to be benefited more.

Though choosing the suitable hosting plan for your next website seems very easy, but it is not. You can lose your valuable time and money also without knowing about hosting properly. For that reason, it is really important to get a solid understanding of various web hostings.

Let’s dive into our web hosting guide.

1. What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a place where all documents and files are kept. Physically it is a data server, where all kinds of data and information on a website are collected.

For example, suppose you have a shop in your local area. You keep all the goods in-store, room or whatever you tell. We want to tell you there need a place to keep all the goods of a physical shop. Similarly, there also needs a place to keep your website’s information, file, and other necessary things. In web language, it is called hosting where you can keep all of your information, file, and others.

2. What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most famous Content Management System. With WordPress, you can easily create your website and manage it properly.

Every website is built with so many codings. The website that is built from scratch, if you want to change anything to it you must have some coding knowledge. It is one kind of hassle for non-techy users. But if you install WordPress on your website, you don’t need to know how to code. You can easily control your website from the WordPress dashboard.

There is also some other CMS like Joomla, Magento, and more. Among them, WordPress is the most popular CMS. Around 75 million websites are running with WordPress.

3. What is the Difference Between General Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting?

The main difference between general web hosting and WordPress hosting is customization. In WordPress hosting all are specially designed for WordPress. It comes with more advanced features than general web hosting. However, a WordPress website can easily be hosted on a general web hosting.

4. What is Shared Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Web Hosting?

Shared Web Hosting: It is basically used for small websites, blog sites that don’t receive high traffic. In shared hosting, many websites are hosted on the server. All websites use the same resources.

VPS Web Hosting: VPS or virtual private server is generally a middle ground between a shared server and a dedicated server. It is usually used when you need more control and better performance of your website but doesn’t need a dedicated server. Every website is being hosted in its own space, using separate resources, but still, they share a physical server. In VPS hosting you can get the benefits of dedicated hosting. 

Many companies offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. But it is really impossible to offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth to every single person due to higher cost, limited capacities, and technological boundaries. It is usually used for hosting medium types of websites.

Dedicated Hosting: In a dedicated server only one website is hosted in a physical server. Only one website will use all the resources of a dedicated server. It is one of the most expensive web hostings. You will get the most control over the server. It can receive a high level of traffic. It can be used for building larger websites.

5. What is Cloud Web Hosting and Colocation?

Cloud Hosting: In cloud hosting all of the information and data are stored in different servers of different places instead of keeping them in a single place. It can be accessible from a virtual machine from all the different places. In that, you can grow your space when you need it. Their rule is to pay as you go. It is expensive. It generally uses larger companies. You will get the latest technologies and higher-level performance in cloud hosting.

Colocation: If any business becomes much larger, they rent a space in a colocation center. Where the center will provide power, bandwidth, IP address and cooling system that your service requires. But you will have to take other management responsibilities.

6. What is the Reseller and Managed web hosting?

Reseller Web Hosting: In reseller hosting, A reseller company buys a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth from a hosting company in wholesale and retail them to third parties without renting a server. In that way, the reseller has to take the responsibility to communicate with their customers regularly.

Managed Web Hosting: Maximum hosting packages you see on the web are managed hosting packages. Hosting companies make a few hosting packages by offering different types of services to customers where hosting prices vary. 

They offer some specific but different services at every package to the customers. Customers come to their websites and choose one which they like, which fulfills their requirements. Hosting companies can customize them and set the price as they want. That is all about Managed Web Hosting.


Hope you have got an idea of all kinds of web hosting. You can now easily decide which web hosting you actually need. You can leave a comment here if you have any confusion about hosting related topics. We will try to answer it in the comment section or cover it in our next article.

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