Before Ordering a Web Host Plan: 7 most Important Things You Must Know

The quality of your hosted website depends on how well it is hosted on a server. You should know some important things before buying any hosting services and subscribe to their hosting plan.

Here is a list of those things which you should keep in mind when you order a hosting plan.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Main Hosting Features.

To order a web hosting, firstly, we should look at some main features. Depending on your website, please calculate them whether it is suitable for your website or not.

  • Allowed Traffic
  • Disk Space
  • Number of Addon Domain
  • Server Location
  • Easy to set up and use
  • High speed and performance

2. Check for The Chat Support.

Web hosting provider who offers 24/7 hours support is mandatory for your hosting plan, especially if you’re a beginner who doesn’t know how the plan works. Of course, you don’t want to select a service without any backup or support.

It is very common that you will fell into some problems with your websites and hosting. Some problems need to be solved instantly. For that reason, if your hosting provider doesn’t have a quality support system, your website will be harmed.

3. You will Almost Get What You Paid For.

If you start your website as a hobby that doesn’t matter. As it is an essential business tool, going for the cheapest deal or free plan for your business website, not a good idea at all.

You will, of course, get support back on how much you paid or invested. Moreover, check out properly are they offering other services like web design or any technical solution if you need now or in the future.

4. Use of Multiple Web Hosts.

If you have multiple websites then it will be a good idea to go to host your websites on multiple servers. If there occurs any technical problem then your all websites will remain down until the issue has not been fixed.

So contact the hosting provider and tell them to host your websites on different servers.

5. Beware of Their Pricing Tricks.

Know properly before purchasing their package what is the current price of the package and what will be the renewal price after ending the subscription. Because some hosting providers will fraud you by increasing the hosting price at the time of renewal.

Get rid of this by check their trustworthiness very well.

6. How Trustworthy is The Provider?

What is the process, by which you can know their trustworthiness? There are lots of hosting companies who pretend to be a real web host and resell someone else’s product to you.

You can never hope to get proper support from them. So look to know how long they have been providing service around the web, do they have their contact details, who is the owner of that company, are they making realistic promises to their customers, check out their reviews and testimonials.

In that case, Google is your best friend.

7. Check Out Their Refund Policy.

If you are dissatisfied with your hosting plan, there is still a chance to get the full or partial amount of price within their fixed period, if they offer a refund. So check it out also.


I hope this web hosting guide will help you a lot. Still, if you have any queries about hosting-related topics you can leave a comment here. We will try to answer it.

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